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Choosing a mentor or leadership support requires a clearly defined goal. Individuals who seek help at various times should have a predetermined checklist. While interviewing, fact-finding, or asking for referrals, your intention must be clear. During your initial consultation, I always recommend 'listening' to your gut feeling and the sensations you are receiving. And never hesitate to move on without apologizing if the fit is not suitable for you. 

All About Me

My journey, relying on my gut feeling, began during my youth. Growing up with a mother who used her insight---her intuition, assisting corporations and law enforcement in solving cases requiring an edge when all else had failed. 

After enjoying a corporate recruiting career for many years, the door opened to open my staffing/recruiting business. My ability to use my intuition grew over the years. It became more accessible and easier to 'know' the exact amount of the contract bids, placement in just the right company for advancement and stability for our employees, and the continual growth of my firm to include educational programs, training services, and permanent placement. 


In 1989, a family member became quite ill; suddenly, this was a time my intuitive skill set increased and expanded. A few years later, at the request of a physician/colleague, I moved my skill set into analyzing medical conditions and protocols for short and long-term illnesses. 


Since 1992, thirty years ago, my intuition has lent support in connections to medicine, science, sports, technology, entertainment, corporate awareness and leadership, and individual personal growth. 


If you decide to connect to your power and clarity, the human sensory system, a system you have been carrying within since birth, can open the door to an extraordinary life journey. Your spirit will provide you with the support you need to make decisions that support your life purpose, understand when your physical body is in danger, and more. 


I encourage you to begin each day by acknowledging the sensations that run through or nudge at you. It starts with acknowledgment and confirmation. Each day, with a bit of practice, you will grow stronger in your self-confidence and have a flow of calmness regardless of the circumstance or decisions you face. And this is just the beginning! If you are brave enough to begin the journey to connecting your sensory system with your daily life, don't forget to buckle up! 





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