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The Most Valuable Asset You Will Own In Your Lifetime is Your Human Spirit!

                                             1989... JK Dickinson


JK Dickinson


JK DICKINSON is recognized globally for her work in Intuitive Awareness (Oxford University Press) and Neuron Analysis (stored memory data connecting the brain to the nervous system). For the past three decades, her extraordinary insight capacity has supported growth in medicine, science, sports, technology, and humanitarian research development. 


JK provides training and workshops for corporations determined to maintain or grab the edge with their leadership staff, future direction, human resources, and more.  

We invite inquiries intended to move forward the support and opportunities for children and families living more complete lives when economic weakness is a challenge. 


Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Goal Analysis-Performance Environment
  • Sports Team and Professional Player Analysis
  • Medical & Scientific Research Data and Projection
  • Intuitive Leadership Development Programs
  • Intuitive Human Resource Support & Staff Evaluations

INTUITION is not magic, exclusive, or unnatural. You are equipped with the most sophisticated sensory system.

Listen to your GUT feeling!

Experts Weigh In


Tina Eskridge
Marketing Excellence Lead Advertising
New York City

I believe the most intelligent language on the planet is that of intuition. When coupled with pure talent and emotional intelligence, there is no greater contribution to the embodiment of success in our lives. 

Having met Jennifer through a colleague at Microsoft, she taught me how to leverage my innate intuitive capabilities which have led me to reclaim my confidence and manifest my purpose in all aspects of my personal and professional life. 

Huh Hoang, MD
Natural Health Medical Center
Los Angeles, California 

Dr. Huy Hoang began his academic journey at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1984. Discovering an interest in medicine, and the possibility of treating and fixing health challenges, he graduated with his medical degree in 1988. Dr. Hoang worked in prestigious medical facilities in Los Angeles to include Cedar Sinai before opening the doors to Natural Health Medical Center.

The energy body connects the mind and the physical body. Without the energy body, the mind cannot direct the physical body to action. Without the energy body, the physical body is just a lifeless body, like an inanimate object. Unlike other books filled with mystical Eastern terms, this book gives down-to-earth descriptions of the energy centers, vagus nerve, and the critical role the neurons play in the health of the human body. Instead of preaching theories, this book describes practical examples with actual cases. The reader can see that when faced with real-life events, the mind reacts to give rise to imbalances in the energy centers leading to physical illnesses. These cases confirm what I have encountered through clinical experience with my patients. 

In addition to the information about energy centers that Jennifer has explained in her previous books, there is now information on the invisible anatomy and the Vagus Nerve. I invite you to read this book. You may recognize some imbalanced energy patterns described in the book, in your own life.

Intuition is the Highest Form of Intelligence
                                                                  FORBES -2017

Working with JK

Inspired Individuals - When JK walks into the room, you FEEL her energy.

In addition to the information about the energy centers that Jennifer has explained in her previous books, new information is available on the invisible anatomy and the vagus nerve.  I invite you to read this book. You may recognize some imbalanced energy patterns described in this book in your own life.​


                                          Huy Hoang, MD Los Angeles, Ca.

If I am looking for the edge in confirming my player's potential, I have sought out Jennifer's gift.  She knows what she knows. I sit down with a player's name, she has never met, nor knows about and she will tell me things that are spot on.  She is a reliable source of information when the stakes are high and accuracy is imperative. I don't take any crap as an agent, and a former player. You've got the goods or you don't.  You will never understand how she knows, she just does. JK is no-nonsense. She is a PRO!


Matt Sinatro

Retired Pro Player/Coach

Active Player Agent

I’m always inspired by Jennifer’s humanity and sensitivity to the new chapters of my life. Here’s what I own about myself because of my work with her: 1) that as I set my intention for the day, that’s how it goes, 2) that my health and well being cannot be singularly understood in medical terms, but in alignment with my energy, 3) that my intuition is my greatest mind, and 4) that rigor in my emotional management is a muscle to be continuously exercised. I feel very fortunate to have met JK many years ago. 


Trina Burton

Sr. Learning & Development Program Manager

Talking Rain


I came to JK, Jennifer when I was feeling unclear about some important life decisions that were affecting my immediate future. Jennifer worked with me over the course of several months to discover my personal truth while also recharging my confidence. Working with her brought an enormous amount of clarity and personal power to my life. Before, I lived in a shell and liked to play it safe by limiting my own potential. After my work with Jennifer, a huge shift occurred in my life. Today, I dream BIG and am ready for anything


Melissa 'Echo' Greenlee

CEO - Deaf Friendly

Advocate - Reviewer Extraordinaire 

I met Jennifer in 2009. I was relocating to the Santa Barbara area and had heard about her unusual gift.  The first time I sat down, I knew she was the 'real deal.' She is a no-nonsense woman and does not candy or sugar coat any information. She does not filter.  She is as professional as a person can be while being kind and caring. She did not believe I would not have children as I was told. We worked together for many months and one day as she had seen, I had my son, Tanner.  She is a gift. 


Susan Hellman

Former Pro Athlete

Active Trainer & Teacher

Why don't diets, food choices, exercise, yoga, meditation, supplements, or vacations, take us to a place of resolve or long-term happiness? The connection between the neurons, the brain, and the central nervous system is the answer. 

New Cover The Invisible Anatomy.jpg

Get to know your neurons


The human sensory receptors control the external stimuli sent to the brain. Learn why your 'gut' knows the truth! 

JK Live
Starbucks 2022 The Energy of Inclusion & Diversity Summit

JKD Starbucks deck.jpg


How do you show up at work?

How does your energy affect others?

2023 Training, Events, & Workshops 

Medical Students Enjoy Learning How to Use Their 'GUT FEELING Effectively 

Science Class

A leader in neuron analysis (stored memory data) JK's training and workshops support accessing and growing the intuitive capacity.  


My students at Bastyr University respect Ms. Dickinson's theory on how neurons, the invisible anatomy, and intuition can influence their patient's health and well-being. 

Dr. Janis Gruska

Associate Professor, Clinical Supervisor

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