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Le choix d'un mentor ou d'un soutien au leadership nécessite un objectif clairement défini. Les personnes qui demandent de l'aide à divers moments devraient avoir une liste de contrôle prédéterminée. Lors d'un entretien, d'une enquête ou d'une demande de références, votre intention doit être claire. Lors de votre première consultation, je recommande toujours «d'écouter» votre intuition et les sensations que vous ressentez. Et n'hésitez jamais à passer à autre chose sans vous excuser si la coupe ne vous convient pas. 

Tout sur moi

JK Dickinson Forbes Coach

Please Take a Look at My Career!

JK Dickinson Forbes


Global corporate consultant providing extraordinary insight to corporate personnel, leadership teams, medical providers, and individuals in sports, consumer services, medicine, technology, entertainment, science, and retail beverage.  She has done this by carefully and passionately creating a unique program management infrastructure of vital information that has assisted individuals and organizations in gaining a deeper understanding of obstacles, imbalances, and unforeseen walls between them and their goals. This work included leadership workshops, corporate goal analysis, human resources support and staff evaluations, marketing strategy, and execution. In the field of medicine, JK's impeccable reputation is known for unprecedented analysis of the physical body imbalances relating to neuron data. 

JK Dickinson's clients include individuals and departments from Microsoft, Google, Disney, Italy's Serie A Mens Soccer Clubs, USA Major League Baseball, Cisco, Pixar Animation Studios, Talking Rain Beverage Company, Starbucks, Ramada Hotel and Resorts-Hong Kong, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts/AccorHotels, Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts-Cascade Investment/Kingdom Holding Company, Vucan, Apple, Seattle Sounders, LA Galaxy, and Oprah Magazine, to name a few. 

JK Dickinson

Medical Evaluation and Support

Jennifer's unique ability to use her intuition to analyze the health of a patient has led to a successful career in intuitive patient neuron data analysis. Her clients include prestigious institutions such as Cornell University, Harvard Medical School, and Johns Hopkins Medicine-Department of Surgery. With over 25 years of experience, Jennifer has proven that her strength of intuition can support patient care and identify the root challenges leading to patient illness.

Owner, Corporate Recruiting Firm, 5 Years

A veteran of the employment industry opened her corporate recruiting firm at age 26, growing to over 200 staff members within two years. She managed the firm by welcoming workers from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including seniors and disadvantaged individuals. Her firm made placements across all business industries and positions, from CEO to managers, blue-collar necessary staff to coordinators. Her unique business model brought significant revenue and recognition to the firm.

My intention of branching out to owning my own company was due to the ongoing engagement in unethical standards and behavior in the personnel/HR department standards.


Often in the local press, my company stood out! Developing a new demand for my intuitive capacity, I sold my firm and moved forward with my next adventure.  

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