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The Invisible Anatomy JK Dickinson
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Forward - The Invisible Anatomy

Unlike other books filled with Eastern terms, this book gives down-to-earth descriptions of the energy centers, vagus nerve and the critical role the neurons play in the health of the human body. Instead of preaching theories, this book describes practical examples with actual cases. The reader can see that when faced with life events, the mind reacts to give rise to imbalances in the energy centers, leading to physical illness. 

These cases confirm what I have encountered through clinical experience with patients. 

In addition to the information about the energy centers that Jennifer has explained in her previous books, there is now information on The Invisible anatomy and the vagus nerve. I invite you to read this book. You may recognise some imbalanced energy patterns described in this book in your own life. 

My Story

Dr. Huy Hoang is a highly accomplished medical professional passionate about treating and fixing health challenges. He began his academic journey at MIT's Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1984 and graduated with his medical degree in 1988. After working in prestigious medical facilities in Los Angeles, including Cedar Sinai, he opened the doors to the Natural Health Medical Center, where he is the Founder.


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