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Our Team of Professionals

We Use Our Intuition Each and Every Day

JK's approach to being of service to those who seek her guidance is to have a team of individuals who have proven their intuitive skills, integrity, and intention to be of service to others. Going outside the box of 'normal' can be surprisingly fantastic. Our working team is available by appointment. Please connect with the company website supplied.


Dr. Rachel Heussner is a dedicated professional who is determined to understand the identity of the patient and the flow of imbalances by listening. 

Driven by her heart and senses, you will know you are in gentle, capable hands the minute you are engaged.

JK Dickinson is an expert in intuitive studies and intuitive ability.  For the past thirty years, she has continued to provide insight and tools for individuals, corporations, organizations, and research through her power of intuition.  The Invisible Anatomy continues to support medical facilities and studies globally.

Dr. Janis Gruska has over thirty years of experience working with families, women and children, and the mental and physical health of her patients.

Dr. Gruska is a clinic supervisor and associate professor at Bastyr University & Clinic.

After graduating from MIT, Dr. Hoang desired to spend his life helping people heal and return to health. He embarked on an equally grueling second degree, and the rest is history. UCLA Medical Center and Cedar Sinai were two of the prestigious medical facilities he saw patients in until he opened his clinic in Los Angeles.

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